Internal Committees

Policy Affairs Committee

The Policy Affairs Committee, known as "House," is composed of Union Board directors who review and propose necessary changes to the Union Board constitution and bylaws. The House Committee also allocates office space to other student organizations within the Student Involvement Tower.

Committee Chair:
Laurie Frederickson
Union Board President


Membership Committee

The Membership Commitee, comprised of Union Board directors, is charged with recruitment and retention of Union Board members. The commitee is led by the Vice President of Internal Affairs, who is responsible for evaluating the recruitment and retention efforts for each programming committee and for recording and distributing the minutes of Union Board meetings.

Committee Chair:
Stephanie Belmontes
Vice President of Internal Affairs


Budgetary Affairs Committee

The Budgetary Affairs Committee, composed of Union Board directors, manages the Union Board budget, offers financial recommendations, encourages fiscal responsibility, reviews and edits proposals, and continually updates the board on its financial situation.

Committee Chair:
Anay Terala
Vice President of Finance