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Throughout its history, the Indiana Memorial Union has thrived thanks to the generous support of donors like you. Your contributions have made it possible for the IMU to be the heart of the Indiana University Bloomington campus for more than 100 years.

As we look to the IMU’s next 100 years, your support is more important than ever.  Support of the Indiana Memorial Union fund addresses priority needs.

Art in the IMU

Much of the artwork collected in this Union was shepherded for decades by visionary Herman B Wells, the 11th President of Indiana University, 1936-1962. Through generous contributions from students, alumni, and donors from around the world, the Union is home to a vast and eclectic collection of art and artifacts.

This fund was established to support the art collection in the Indiana Memorial Union through acquisitions and student visual art initiatives, materials that share information on the collection, and programming related to art and collecting.

IMU Art Fund

John Whittenberger Society

All Union Board alumni who served at least one full term on Union Board are members of JWS, the John Whittenberger Society. JWS, an official Indiana University Alumni Association affiliate, was named after John Whittenberger who in 1909 founded the Indiana Union, which later became the Union Board.

The John Whittenberger Society is instrumental in raising funds to support the IMU and Union Board.

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A portrait of John Whittenberger, founder of Union Board, overlooks a Union Board reunion. Herman B Wells, a former Union Board member, sits just below the portrait.