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The John Whittenberger Society (JWS) serves as the Union Board Alumni Association and is an affiliate organization of the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) and the Indiana University Alumni Association (IUAA). The JWS was organized to maintain a connection with Union Board alumni and friends, to promote projects and to raise funds for the benefit of Indiana University, the Indiana Memorial Union, and the Union Board of Directors.

Advisory Board Membership

The Advisory Board consists of eight to twelve voting members who are selected for staggered four-year terms, as well as ex-officio members representing the IMU, Union Board, and the Alumni Association.

Advisory Board Member Expectations

The Advisory Board meets twice per year, in the spring and the fall, usually on a Friday/Saturday. In odd-numbered years, the Fall Board meeting is held immediately prior to the Biennial Reunion, and Board members are strongly encouraged to attend the Biennial as well. In recent years, there have sometimes been conference calls between Board meetings, as the Board leadership or committee chairs deem necessary. Although not officially required in the Constitution, in recent years all Board members have committed to making an annual donation in an amount that is personally significant to them.

Advisory Board Member Duties

The Board provides advice to the Executive Director of the Indiana Memorial Union and staff by providing expertise, life experiences, philanthropy, and connections. In addition, the Advisory Board reviews proposals for expenditures from income from endowments that the JWS Board has created in the past, and a Board member participates in the annual selection process for Union Board scholarships. Advisory Board members are expected to support the Indiana Memorial Union and Union Board, the student-staff partnership, and the history and tradition of the Union Idea, within the University and with outside groups. Board members are also expected to support JWS or IMU fundraising and/or outreach events or activities.

Nominations for the Advisory Board

The Nominations Committee will take into account the overall composition of the Board to ensure it reflects the range of JWS members (Union Board alumni) as well as the needs of the Board moving forward.