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Union Board Committees

Canvas Creative Arts

Canvas seeks to foster an artistic community on campus, serving as a platform for up-and-coming artists and writers. Canvas welcomes students from all experience levels and aims to educate & entertain through diverse programming focused on creativity & unique perspectives. Furthermore, Canvas publishes a magazine showcasing student work and strives towards creating a community that fosters student identity through art.

Canvas Creative Arts Director:
Jasmine Fan


Mid-to-large scale concerts on campus while occasionally featuring up-and-coming local and student artists.

Concerts Director:
Khushi Sahi

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts committee focuses on celebrating students’ cuisine backgrounds and educating students on food insecurity and nutrition. The committee aims to make food accessible and teach students life-long cooking and dining skills.

Culinary Arts Director: 
Anagha Kumar

Cultural Connections

The Cultural Connections committee serves to showcase the diverse culture of the student body.

Cultural Connections Director:
Lorenzo Powell

Films & Entertainment

All things related to film – weekly film series, lectures, and screenings featuring directors/actors, sneak previews of films.

Films & Entertainment Directors:
Yash Jain - ubfilms@indiana.edu
Sahir Mir - ubfilms@indiana.edu



Larger events that feature speakers & lectures of a variety of topics, current or otherwise. Topics and speakers will be aimed to contract names to fill Alumni Hall and/or IU Auditorium.

Lectures Director:
Alexandros Chatzipanagos


Live From Bloomington

The Live from Bloomington (LFB) committee strives to give up and coming local Bloomington and student artists performance opportunities and oversee the annual Live from Bloomington recorded album.

LFB Director:
Carley Mosby



The Marketing committee focuses on all aspects of promoting events starting from the ideation phase to disturbing materials around campus. The marketing committee ensures that all Union Board events are promoted as well as board-wide initiatives.

Marketing Director: 
Aditya Lahiri


Mind & Body

Mind and Body is a committee that is focused on overall wellness. It is centered around providing events, fun and educational, to students emphasizing both their mental and physical wellbeing. We hope to better the students' experience at IU by helping them find a healthy balance!

Mind & Body Director:
Elisabeth Melms


Out & About

Local trips and destination trips to museums, theme parks, and fun "must-see" places.

Out & About Director:
Minseo Kim




Oversees membership recruitment, onboarding, recognition, community building, and all internal communication efforts.

Recruitment Director:
Shraavya Pydisetti


Social Impact

Events that engage students with current social topics that have an impact on IU students and the Bloomington community.

Social Impact Director:
Rezwana Habib


Spirit & Traditions

Annual IU tradition events like Homecoming, IU Day, and the Little Little 499.

Spirit & Traditions Director: 
Izzy Kudish