Union Board

Union Board: The heart of the IMU

Union Board is the governing body of the Indiana Memorial Union and the largest student programming organization on campus. Driven by students, Union Board plans a range of fun, entertaining, and educational events for students to come together, explore multiple world views, discuss current events, and learn from one another.

Get Involved

Join a Union Board Committee (or two)!

Programming committees are responsible for planning and executing quality programs each semester. We encourage students to get involved in a committee so that they can help decide what happens on the IU campus.

If you have questions about Union Board, email ubvpia@indiana.edu. If you are interested in a specific committee, please email that committee directly.

Union Board Committees

Canvas Creative Arts

All things creative arts literary and art magazine, slam poetry performances, oversees art in Canvas Gallery, interactive art programming.

Canvas Creative Arts Directors
Madison Cox-canvas@indiana.edu


Large scale concert events hosted in Assembly Hall, outdoors, IU Auditorium.

Concerts Director
Rezwana Habib-concerts@indiana.edu


Films & Entertainment

All things related to film – weekly film series, lectures and screenings featuring directors/actors, sneak previews of films.

Films Directors:
Sahir Mir-ubfilms@indiana.edu
Reese Myers-ubfilms@indiana.edu


Gaming & Pop Culture

Events related to gaming, technology, and all forms of pop culture,– BloomingCon (local ComicCon event). 

Gaming & Pop Culture Director.
Kavin Kasi-ubgeec@indiana.edu

Global Connections

Focused on international aspects of the student body.

Global Connections Committee Director:


Larger events that feature speakers and lectures of a variety of topics, current or otherwise. Topics and speakers will be aimed to contract names to fill Alumni Hall and/or IU Auditorium.

Lectures Director:
Gabriella Couloubaritsis-ubspeaks@indiana.edu


Live From Bloomington

Events that showcase local Bloomington and student talent as well as large scale concerts and comedy shows, oversees the annual Live From Bloomington recorded album.

LFB Director:
Maggie Ison-lfb@iu.edu


Mind & Body

Hosts events designed to enhance the well-being of students’ mental and physical health.

Mind & Body Director:
Chloe Myers-ubbam@indiana.edu


Out & About

Local trip and destination trips to museums, theme parks, and fun “must see” places. 

Out & About Director
Ben Ring-ubtrips@iu.edu


Social Impact

Events that engage students with current social topics that have an impact on IU students and the Bloomington community.

Social Impact Committee Director:
Suraj “Sushi” Bokil-ubimpact@indiana.edu


Spirit & Traditions

Annual IU tradition events like homecoming, IU Day, Yule Ball, World’s Fare.

Spirit & Traditions Committee Director: 
Laurie Frederickson-ubspirit@indiana.edu


Internal Committees

Policy Affairs

The Policy Affairs Committee, known as "House," is composed of Union Board directors who review and propose necessary changes to the Union Board constitution and bylaws. The House Committee also allocates office space to other student organizations within the Student Involvement Tower. 

Committee Chair:
Diptanshu Rao
Union Board President

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee, comprised of Union Board directors, is charged with recruitment and retention of Union Board members. The committee is led by the Vice President of Membership, who is responsible for evaluating the recruitment and retention efforts for each programming committee and for recording and distributing the minutes of Union Board meetings.

Committee Chair:
Autumn Stringer
Vice President of Internal Affairs 

Budgetary Affairs Committee

The Budgetary Affairs Committee, composed of Union Board directors, manages the Union Board budget, offers financial recommendations, encourages fiscal responsibility, reviews and edits proposals, and continually updates the board on its financial situation.

Committee Chair:
Zac Ekedahl
Vice President of Finance