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The Indiana Memorial Union Board is the largest student programming organization on campus, planning over 100 events that serve more than 40,000 students annually. Each year, students have the opportunity to elect 8 directors that act as stewards of the Union and student fee money. Approximately $7 of your student fee supports campus-wide programs organized by Union Board. Union Board is committed to promote meaningful programs on campus.

2021 Union Board Election

Vote in the 2022 Union Board Election from Tuesday October 5 at 6pm through Wednesday, October 6 at 6pm.

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2021 Candidate Statements

Suraj Bokil

Year: Sophomore
Major: Information Systems and Business Analytics with a minor in Japanese

As a sophomore who didn't have the opportunity to get a true freshman experience at IU, I am extremely passionate about creating events and activities that us, students, want. My goals as a director of Union Board would be to facilitate campus participation through large-scale social events and programs but also focus on student needs and work on improved accessibility to food, sanitation, and resources. I would love to re-establish what it means to be a "Hoosier" and support the Board in articulating the voice of IU students through fantastic events that bring us all together!

Madison Cox

Year: Junior
Major: English, Journalism

As a returning director to Union Board, I hope to continue my work in making arts experiences more accessible to all students through the diversification of arts programming. I want to introduce even more opportunities for interactive art activities, as well as gallery and showcase spaces to allow students to share their own art with a greater audience at IU. Art is more than just writing or drawing; it is dance and performance and creation, and I aim to foster a community where anyone feels they can create and enjoy art, regardless of their own level of experience.

Zac Ekedahl

Year: Sophomore
Major: Accounting, Finance, and Economic Consulting

Hi all, I am excited to be running for one of the director positions on the Union Board this year. I am a sophomore this year, and I hope to help all students that didn't feel that they got to meet other students through COVID-19. My platform is focused on ensuring that every student has a group where they can be open and honest with one another. I hope to foster an inclusive and safe environment for all students through educational and social programming. I have had the opportunity to work with freshmen this year as a teaching assistant and helped students reach out to one another. I want to bring in a new set of eyes to this team and introduce events that can bring in students of all backgrounds. I hope to use my passion for all IU students to represent all Hoosiers.

Laurie Frederickson

Year: Freshman
Major: Psychology

As a Union Board director, I will dedicate myself to promoting a more diverse breadth of events throughout the year. I want to ensure that the broad spectrum of interests at our university is reflected through the events offered by Union Board. All students should feel that our events are exciting, appealing, and representative of them. Secondly, I want to ensure that our events embody the spirit of acceptance and inclusion at IU. I aim to empower people to make new connections and to reach outside of their comfort zones and try something new. Finally, I will dedicate myself to put forth events that are impactful and enhance the college experience. I promise to provide relevant, meaningful programming to the student body that leaves a lasting impression.

David Gregory

Year: Sophomore
Major: Hospitality, Tourism, & Event Management

My goals as a future Union Board director would be focused on musical opportunities, and diversity. I would like to increase the diversity in events, give more students the opportunity to be heard, introduce some new marketing strategies, and give other student organizations an opportunity to collaborate with musical artists on campus to enhance and increase attendance at smaller events.

Rezwana Fatema Habib

Year: Freshman
Major: Human Biology in the Pre-Medicine Track

As a woman of color, I strongly believe in diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. If elected as a Union Board director, I will bring forth these virtues throughout our events and make an effort to ensure that everyone feels welcome on campus. I will actively advocate for a diverse set of events to cater to a wide range of interests so that students can explore their own passions and beyond.

Aidan Hamilton

Year: Freshman
Major: Law and Public Policy with a minor in Environmental Science

As a Union Board director I hope to guide IU towards a just and sustainable future. In practice this means a few things. Towards the end of justice I encourage discussion from differing viewpoints, including those that challenge our understanding of history and the processes that created the world we live in today. Only by confronting and accepting what happened in the past can we facilitate a future that does not repeat our mistakes. Sustainability falls in the same vein as the pursuit of justice, specifically when discussing who is impacted by the decisions of the past. It is increasingly obvious that to be unsustainable is to be unjust; as a director I will do everything in my power to expand and promote initiatives that ensure a stable and comfortable balance in nature for ourselves and our children. With love and strength we can make real change. Let's do it!

Margaret Ison

Year: Sophomore
Major: Philosophy and Political Science with a minor in Latin

As a Union Board director, I will highlight the voices of students in historically underrepresented communities. Ranging from women of color to disabled individuals to Indigenous students, I will promote the artworks, creations, and voices of those who are not given a platform by society. Through events such as collaborations with culture centers to showcase traditional performances, placing the art of queer students or students of color in highly visible areas, or having female-led dance classes focusing on empowerment, I will act to make all students feel comfortable in the Indiana Memorial Union. By elevating the voices of those who are continuously spoken over, I will promote a diverse community that focuses on a sense of inclusion and acceptance throughout both the IMU and the campus as a whole.

Kavin Kasi

Year: Sophomore
Major: Finance and Accounting

My goal as a Union Board Director is to promote diversity through programming, food options, and even mental health resources. I would like to work with student organizations on campus in order to give people of all backgrounds a voice within their school. I seek to listen to students' voices through the use of surveys and incorporate their feedback into Union Board's agenda and programming. I will use my prior leadership experience to make the IMU a more perfect union - one that serves all students.

Kenneth Latanna

Year: Freshman
Major: Management & Marketing

No candidate statement provided.

Sahir Mir

Year: Freshman
Major: Finance and Business Analytics with a Film Production, Theatre and Drama

As a Union Board Student Director, I will work to improve the growth, solidarity, and mental health of the IU student body. I plan on working extensively within the Films and Comedy committees to host screenings and events that not only entertain, but send messages of hope and growth. IU can be an incredibly stressful environment, but by working to entertain our community, I hope to help us feel a little less tense, a little more relaxed, and a lot more inspired. Whether that be through laughing, thinking, or crying, as a Union Board Director, I will always be in the business of championing IU's growth.

Reese Myers

Year: Junior
Major: Accounting and Finance

As a future Union Board Student Director, I will strive to bring fun, exciting, and inclusive events to IU's campus. I am excited to work with students and faculty to plan events that every member of the IU family can benefit from. Whether that be some of the biggest concerts of the year, Union Board's prestigious longest running college film series,or health and wellness activities, I look forward to serving this great campus and helping to make each student's college experience so much more than just their degree!

Umayal Natesan

Year: Junior
Major: Economic Consulting with English

Hello! My name is Uma Natesan and I had the pleasure of serving as 2021's Director of Lectures. I hope to serve the next Union Board to continue my personal commitment to planning events that reflect our campus's diversity and bring joy to our student's lives.

Srikant Patni

Year: Freshman
Major: International Studies

As a Union Board Student Director I aim to carry forward the legacy build by the predecessors and uphold the spirit and traditions of Indiana University to my very best. I want to shorten the gap that there is between students and the board and also facilitate a better understanding of all the different cultures that we among us. My aims are to be in continuous support of all the students and others in the community and also work towards the betterment of individuals through various exciting and informative events.

Diptanshu Rao

Year: Junior
Major: Finance, Accounting & Real Estate with a minor in Japanese

As a returning director, I wish to continue the work I started as Vice President of Finance to facilitate the creation of an inclusive space for all of IU through educational, influential, and entertaining programming. I spent my past year working towards securing the funding Union Board needs in order to meet the needs and wants of the student body and implementing budgetary procedures to ensure maximum utilization of the resources available to our organization. I want to continue to leverage my knowledge as a senior, my experience as a VP and my passion for this university to represent the needs of all Hoosiers across IU.

Ben Ring

Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology with a minor in Spanish

As a Union Board Student Director, I would look forward to making a difference at not only the IMU but on campus in general. The Union Board hosts many of IU's best events every year, and I would take pride in continuing this long-standing tradition by listening to students' needs and wants, and meeting these with our programming. I am a firm believer in open-mindedness and good communication, and I commit to being accessible, as a director and a friend, to all who I can help. The IMU is one of the greatest buildings we have here at IU, and I would be honored to be part of that for you, as a director.

Caroline Sultz

Year: Sophomore
Major: Marketing, Digital and Social Media Business Applications with a minor in Interior Design

As a Union Board Student Director, I will continue to advocate for what students need and want. This past year, I have focused on events related to mental, physical, and sexual wellbeing. Being a Director has given me insight into the Union, to be able to see what changes are being made and to realize which changes need to be made. I hope to continue on again as a Student Director, but in an executive position. I want to better student life and this would be a great opportunity to be able to implement needed changes. I am very passionate about Union Board and hope to be able to represent the IU student body!