IU Catering

Planning your event

We are located in the Director’s Office (M005) on the Mezzanine level in the Indiana Memorial Union. Please contact us or come by our office to discuss your special event.

Room Reservations

All meeting and banquet spaces in the Indiana Memorial Union must first be reserved through Meeting Support Services before food and beverage arrangements can be guaranteed. Please call 812-855-1808 to start the reservation process. Meeting Support Services will be able to help with all Audio Visual and Room Set Up needs.

**All menus are priced per person and are based on 1.5 hours of service**

Food and Beverage Ordering Timelines

We require two weeks to adequately plan your event. Custom menus require additional preparation time. Last minute orders may be accommodated, but we reserve the right to limit choices due to availability of food inventory and or staffing. Orders placed fewer than 5 business days in advance will be assessed a late fee ($50-$150 depending on the scope of the event).

Guarntee Counts

Final guarantee numbers are due five business days prior to the scheduled event. Your final guarantee number is not subject to reduction. If no guarantee number is received, IU Catering will consider the expected number to be the correct guarantee number. All charges will be based on the guarantee number or upon the actual number of persons served, whichever is greater.

Day of Event Deadline for Final Guarantee

Sunday - Previous Monday by 10:00am
Monday - Previous Monday by 10:00am
Tuesday - Previous Tuesday by 10:00am
Wednesday - Previous Wednesday by 10:00am
Thursday - Previous Thursday by 10:00am
Friday - Previous Friday by 10:00am
Saturday - Previous Monday by 10:00am

Banquet Event Orders

Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) are the documents from which all IU departments work in order to successfully execute your function. Once you receive a BEO from your event planner that is confirmation that we will provide service for you. Please review them carefully, make a note of any changes, sign the bottom, then return them signed to your event planner.

Service Charges and Tax

A service charge of 18% for in-house events or a service charge of 18-25% for off premise events will be applied to food and beverage purchases plus the applicable 7% Indiana state sales tax & 1% Monroe County Food/Beverage tax will be applied to all events. For off premise catering in addition to the 18 - 25% service charge there will also be a rental fee associated with any china/stemware/silverware request.


A catering deposit is required for all events not billed to an Indiana University account. This advance deposit will be applied to the final invoice. Statements are mailed on the 25th of each month and have a remittance period of approximately 30 days. University events must provide a department account number and hospitality code at the time of booking. All clients are responsible for confirming tax exempt status with the IU Catering sales office prior to the event. All University events must be accompanied by a department account number and hospitality code for tax exemption.

Tax Exemption

Groups requesting state sales tax exemption must submit a copy of tax exempt certificate at the time of contract signing.


While reasonable effort will be made to minimize cancellation charges, groups will be held responsible for all charges incurred as a result of any commitments made to facilitate the event. All cancellations must be submitted to the IU Catering Office via phone at 812-855-1777 or via email at iucater@indiana.edu.

Cancellation Schedule

6 to 10 business days: Up to 50% of the food & beverage revenue, equipment rental and labor expenses

5 business day or less: Up to 100% of the food & beverage revenue, equipment rental and labor expenses

Menu Generalities

Menu Finalization - Menus must be finalized no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Market Prices - Due to uncertain market circumstances, prices are subject to change without notice and substitutions may be necessary.

Carry-in and carry-out policy - The IMU reserves the right to inspect and control all private events being held on our premises. Due to food safety regulations, no food or beverage of any kind is permitted to be brought into the banquet. All food and beverage served in the Indiana Memorial Union must be arranged through IU Catering. Indiana Memorial Union policy does not permit other caterers or food service vendors to operate in the building. No food may be brought into the building from outside sources with the exception of the University Club. Donated foods are not permitted for catered events. All leftover food and beverages remain the property of IU Catering & Dining Services and may not be removed from the event.

Menu Minimums - If your counts fall below the published minimums, you will be charged for the guaranteed count.

Multiple Entrees - If you request your guests to have a choice of two or more entrees, the higher-priced entree will apply to all the meals due to the additional setup and preparation involved. We require the specific breakdown of entrees from you five business days in advance with your guarantee counts.

Service Parameters - All menus are based upon 1.5 hours of service.

Pricing - All menu charges are per person. Food is replenished throughout the meal period.

Dietary Needs - Special meal arrangements must be made 5 business days in advance. Please plan to provide us with a guarantee of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, kosher-style (we do not have a kosher certified kitchen), or special plates needed for your guests.


Parking for the Indiana Memorial Union is available in Lot 1, adjacent to the hotel entrance and Lot 2, across 7th Street from the Hotel entrance. A 50% discount is available at no charge to event guests and vouchers may be picked up at the event. The discount will be taken at the parking lot gate. The event host may purchase complimentary parking certificates for their guests. Parking fees, based on actual usage, will be added to the final bill. Please refer to the IMU website for parking rates.

Bar Service

IU Catering must provide service of alcoholic beverages. All events where alcohol is served must be accompanied by food and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol may not be consumed or carried in open containers in the public areas of the Indiana Memorial Union. Alcohol may only be consumed in the room reserved for that function. Bar service is not allowed at functions open to the general public. IU Catering reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to individuals or groups that appear to exhibit signs of intoxication. Alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender.

Our out of building bar services must also be accompanied by a food and will require a $500.00 minimum sale. For in-house bar service we require a $300 minimum sale. IU Catering will not provide bar service with a third party caterer without prior consideration by our catering team.