UB Elections

Zaid Abdullah

“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” This has become my guiding principle and as a prospective Union Board Director,
I plan to run on a platform of involvement, innovation, and inclusion. I will involve student-creatives through diverse concerts and events, creating a platform for young performers to highlight the abundance of talent that resides on campus. I will do this by innovating even more meaningful and creative events for everyone. And last but certainly not least, I plan to represent each and every student on a platform of inclusion, seeking out and engaging diverse perspectives from across the university. Involvement, innovation, and inclusion - these are central to my platform, and as a Director of the Indiana Memorial Union Board, I will work hard to ensure that even more students are given the opportunity to dance.

Kayjah Avant

I, Kayjah Avant, aspire to break barriers in the education through my pursuit
of becoming an elementary educator on track to become a Superintendent.
My position as a director will help enhance my social and professional development which will lead to me to becoming an outstanding leader in the education department. My goals as a potential Union Board Director is to protect and maintain the high status of this organization all while creating
new and interactive events to promote unity and campus involvement!

Seth Blunt

My name is Seth Blunt and I am running to be on the 2020 Union Board of Directors. Serving on the 2019 Board as Comedy and Entertainment Director
I worked to bring Tiffany Haddish to campus along with programming the annual Funtitled Festival this past April. Along with programming these events
I hope to continue programming high quality programs for the campus in the role of a director. My goals for the future are to bring large scale shows to campus at least once every month, while also planning smaller scale acts at the Union or elsewhere. Whether this is in Comedy, Music, or in a different role I am looking to bring the campus the shows the students want to see.

Bradley Bolotin

My goal as Union Board director is to program and coordinate fun and exciting events for all students. I hope to plan new and different events that Union Board has not done in the past, but to also continue and expand on the traditional Union Board programs. As a Union Board director, I believe that the students needs should be prioritized in both our programs and our voice in the Indiana Memorial Union and on campus. I also want to grow Union Board's presence on campus to help our amazing events reach and impact more students. Lastly, I want to help attract more students to the Union to help the building function better as student space. The Indiana Memorial Union is one of the most historic buildings on campus and with the renovations should be
a great place for students to study, converse, and enjoy all the Union and Union Board has to offer.

Kathleen Ellingson

During my time at Indiana University, I intend to experience as much of the University and campus life as I am able.  As a director on Union Board,
I would like to use my leadership skills and creativity to help others experience IU as well! If I were to become a Union Board Student Director my goal would be to get other students excited about what is happening at IU. I want to
use Union Board programming as an extension of the diverse identities and interests of Indiana University's student body. I can do this because I am committed to the organization and my fellow students. As member of the Canvas committee of Union Board, I have already seen the impact this organization can make in students' campus experience and I am excited to do my part in continuing this as a Director. I  am passionate about serving and making positive change in my community of peers and believe that this closely aligns with the Union Board mission.

Karleen Fraker

From my first week being a Hoosier, the Union Board has been a wonderful resource for me. It has provided me and many other students with incredible opportunities. I have laughed with child-star Josh Peck and learned from an Academy award-winning costume designer. I acknowledge that I am incredibly blessed to attend a school that plans these events for me. As a Union Board Student Director, I will create fun, rewarding events that reach a diverse range of students. I will continue with the tradition that the Directors behind me left: being a strong voice for the students.

Gus Gonzalez

Our community deserves better. Together, we can make it happen. My mission is to improve and expand the arts community by implementation of three core values: inclusivity, awareness, and influence. By expanding operations to be inclusive of all artists and communities, we can maximize the authenticity of our events. By making ourselves aware of our surroundings, we can offer a spotlight on smaller communities and organizations who are so often left in the dust. By using our resources and position, we can influence a campus-wide mission for the greater good. It has been said that entertainment exists as the greatest service to an appreciative mind. With the right push, we can serve so much more - with the right push, we can serve the greater good. We can do better.

Sadia Habib

As a Union Board Director, I will pursue the interests of the students. I would aim to put on programs that are broad and inclusive because I believe diversity radiates strength as it brings together ideas from all walks of life. It would enable me to bring events that are wanted by students while also keeping in mind those whose voices are rarely heard. Being a director would further give me the chance to advocate for students regarding current concerns and create events that are geared towards addressing these issues or topics. Hence,
I hope to align my future goals as a director to align with the needs of the student body.

Mackenzie Knight

As Assistant Director of Lectures, I have helped bring speakers like Terry Crews, Josh Peck, Dolores Huerta, and recently Anderson Cooper and Karamo Brown. I have helped plan reactionary vigils for the Parkland shooting and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and unique events like the screening of Hail Satan? with director Penny Lane to discuss religious freedome and expression. In my role as Director, I hope to continue planning rewarding reactionary events for students to mourn, learn, come together, and react. I plan to collaborate with other committees to bring intersectional events that will not only educate students, but entertain and engage them on a wide variety of topics and interests as well. I hope to bring large-scale events with speakers who represent important perspectives and discuss important issues, but who will also provide a place for students to laugh, smile, and enjoy their campus experience.

Lauren Elise Long

As a member of the 111th Indiana Memorial Union Board, it is my goal to equally augment the education and empathy of our campus through programming of equal exchange. I will provide space for community members to hear and be heard, share and be shared with, teach and be taught. In addition, I intend to advocate for greater accessibility to our physical space, more accurate and meaningful representation for diverse cultures, and further resources for nonbinary and genderqueer patrons of the union.

Anthony Morales

Putting Students First. Regardless of your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, I understand the importance of embracing the individual qualities that make this campus unique; that make us one. As a UB Student Director, my goal is to facilitate an inclusive, welcoming environment for all IU students. It's about creating a space where we can collaboratively work to make IU an even better place than when we first got here. To be proud of contributing to something greater than each of us. To be proud of being Hoosier.

Olivia G. Owens

As a Union Board Student Director, my primary goal will be to make sure our agenda and goals for the year are reflective of the student body, align with current events in our world, and promote equity in every action. I want the Memorial Union to be the hub of deeper and more dynamic conversations,
as well as a place where students go to escape their comfort zones, try something new, and feel seen and represented. Our programming can help distract from the stress of school while inspiring positive change in our lives and in the life of the campus. It is a chance to create spaces of open dialogue about topics that are often overlooked, taken for granted, misunderstood,
and stigmatized. It is a chance to step outside of the box and challenge our pre-existing notions of the world. And, it is an opportunity to have fun and
build community. The Union was constructed in the early 20th century in order to unify the student body and serve as the “Living Room” to the campus as a whole—this is a role that has to be maintained by continued commitment to sustainability and accessibility initiatives, restructuring of artwork, [clear and linguistically inclusive] signage, and use of space. I will further advocate for increased social media presence to help make the Union Board name and events more recognizable. This will be especially relevant as we work to increase partnership with other student organizations, cultural centers, and departments to promote interconnected and relevant student programming.
I believe it is vital for Union Board to be as inclusive, cohesive, and connected. I fully intend to center my work and involvement with others to fulfill that ideal.

Sahil Patel

As a Director for Union Board, my goals are to grow student involvement and engagement across campus, increase accessibility to student organizations and resources, and program entertaining and educational events that accurately capture student interest. I hope to gain more insight into what students want to see on campus through first hand interactions and by holding open office hours. By having a dialogue with students, I can ensure that the Board's decisions will reflect the interests of the entire campus. I will also work to create an office in the Memorial Union that acts as a directory for all student organizations, as well as a co-working space that allows students to collaborate. This will work to unify a campus as large as ours, and allow Board to serve a greater cause. I aim to improve the experiences of all IU students, and look forward to serving this upcoming year.

Ethan Phillips

If elected I will work to advocate for the wellbeing of the IMU and the mission of the Union Board. I believe in fostering a healthy environment where diversity and acceptance can thrive. Coming from an LGBTQ background I always valued how accepted I felt within the IMU, and want to work to ensure that everyone feels this when they enter. Additionally, I want to foster the development of relationships as well as fortifying current relationships of people through whichever endeavor/role I pursue on the Union Board.
With my experience in advocating through Habitat for Humanity and Director
of Inclusion role for Forest Quadrangle, I believe I am set up perfectly to engage in both of these aspects on the Union Board.

Gourav Venkat Pullela

As a future Union Board Student Director, I would like to make the IMU more accessible to students and cater events to the students' interests so that we can maximize student involvement on campus, to our best ability. I would also like to improve the Union Board's reach to the student body, both in the physical and cyber-physical communities. On the whole, I would like to improve the connection between the student community and the Union Board.

Eric Alfredo Orona-Rodriguez

In my three years working with and assisting directing Union Board, I have grown to see the community as closely-knit and highly supportive. If elected director, I would share my experience to ensure that UB continues to make people feel at home in providing avenues to express interests you may not
get to showcase otherwise - students make up Union Board and my mission
is to appreciate their hard work and for everyone to understand one another’s struggles, ‘cause it is a struggle. At the end of the day, I want to know that
I was able to help IU life by uniting students under fun, learning experiences.

Sanjana Satish

The Indiana University Memorial Union Board is just that - a union. A union of the diverse students on campus. A union of our ideas, perspectives, and needs when it comes to campus life. If chosen to be a Union Board Student Director, my primary focus would be to capitalize on our collective diversity and embrace this to create a stronger sense of unity at IU. Not only will I craft programs with the utmost passion and student interests in mind, but I want to create a greater environment of inclusivity. I want to ensure that students have a place where they feel their voice is heard within the Union. By hopefully implementing measures to include open forums, discussions, and anonymous conversation channels, my goal is to create a cohesive, empowering, and ultimately safe environment for all members of the IU community within the Indiana University Memorial Union.

Ameena Sohail

As a Student Director of the Indiana Memorial Union Board, my goal is to provide viewpoint changing programming and meet the needs of students head on. By bridging the gap between issues our campus faces and the resources Indiana University has to offer, I will create events that facilitate dialogue and burst the college bubble that too often becomes stagnant.
These events allow us to connect amongst our diverse IU community, learn new ideas, and achieve the goal of an enriching college education--shifting perspectives.

Autumn Grace Stringer

My goal as Union Board Student Director would be to engage in more events that invite students from different backgrounds to contribute bright ideas that would promote community and engagement at IU.

Sritej Reddy Vontikommu

As a Union Board Director, I aim to focus on three values: unity, representation, cohesiveness. I aim to unify the students of Indiana University through memorable programming, whether it’d be entertaining or educational. Although we all come from different backgrounds, we have shared interests that Union Board has the opportunity bring out through its programs, allowing us to come together as a community. I also want students to have a voice on campus where they can express their feelings and be supported, allowing them to be seen. This can be done by partnering up with student organizations on campus where Union Board can help facilitate these students’ visions into a larger program. Although we have different committees that put on different programs, I want to be able to continue joint events where multiple Union Board committees come together to put on one event, allowing for a more fulfilling experience.

Reilly Woehler

Improving the world starts right here at home, with open dialogue and conversations that push us as students to engage in meaningful discussion and force us to get to know one another. The power of the individual is what
I hope to shed a light on, and that leading with intention generates meaningful results. The world offers more perspectives than can be found in Bloomington, and I hope to bring those here. Every great movement, project and idea started with one person daring to learn or teach something new. Finding one’s purpose and identity in college is difficult, but with Union Board’s programming,
I believe we can help individuals along a path that leads to a newfound purpose and a better world.