Union Board committees

Programming committees are responsible for planning and executing quality programs each semester. We encourage students to get involved in a committee so that they can help decide what happens on the IU campus.

All committees meet Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Committee meetings are open to students, and all ideas are welcome.

If you have questions about general membership, email If you are interested in a specific committee, please email that committee directly.

Canvas Creative Arts

Canvas Creative Arts is a platform for up-and-coming artists and writers. Through diverse programming focused on creativity and unique perspectives, Canvas seeks to educate, entertain, and foster an artistic community on campus. Canvas also publishes a magazine showcasing student work each semester. For more information about the Canvas Creative Arts Committee, contact Director Alex Ruschman at


The Films Committee brings entertaining, educational, and inspiring film programming to the IU campus. It manages Union Board Films, a movie series held free for students each week in the Whittenberger Auditorium. For more information on the Films Committee, contact Director Alaina Patterson at

Interdisciplinary Connections


Interdisciplinary Connections is a new committee that strengthens professional bonds between traditionally separate disciplines. The committee showcases professional development opportunities through programming such as networking events, master classes, speakers, and panels. For more information about the Interdisciplinary Connections Committee, contact Director Fuhang Mou at

Late Nite

The Late Nite Committee organizes fun, alternative events for students during late-night hours, which include laser tag, live music, casino games, fine arts, bowling, bungee trampolines, carnivals, and more. For more information about the Late Nite Committee, contact Director Chea Yeun Kim at


The Lectures Committee hosts large-scale speaking events on campus each semester. It strives to bring diverse speakers who can attract students from every background and provide thought-provoking discussion to IU and the Bloomington community. For more information about the Lectures Committee, contact Directors Ethan Schwartz and Olivia Owens at


The Marketing Committee designs media and promotional materials for Union Board events. The committee also manages social media and forms relationships with other student organizations and the press. For more information about this committee, contact Union Board Vice President of Marketing Sohile Ali at

Music & Concerts

The Music Committee works to bring the most relevant artists to perform on campus. These students produce concerts for a variety of genres and venues of all sizes, including the Little 500 Concert each year. For more information about the Music Committee, contact Directors Ike Eguzouwa and Noah Bryles at

Performance & Entertainment

The Performance and Entertainment Committee brings concerts, comedy performances, celebrity appearances, and other forms of entertainment to campus throughout the year. For more information about the Performance and Entertainment Committee, contact Directors Dynasty Hubbard and Seth Blunt at

Science & Environment

The Science & Environment Committee promotes sustainability in the IMU and increases awareness through engaging and scientific-based programming. For more information about the Science & Environment Committee, contact Directors Sadia Habib and Lauren Long at

Internal committees

Budgetary Affairs Committee

The Budgetary Affairs Committee, composed of Union Board directors, manages the Union Board budget, offers financial recommendations, encourages fiscal responsibility, reviews and edits proposals, and continually updates the board on its financial situation. For more information about the Budgetary Affairs Committee, contact Union Board Vice President of Finance Sritej Vontikommu at

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee, comprised of Union Board directors, is charged with recruitment and retention of Union Board members. The committee is led by the Vice President of Membership, who is responsible for evaluating the recruitment and retention efforts for each programming committee and for recording and distrbuting the minutes of Union Board meetings. For more information about the Membership Committee, contact Union Board Vice President of Internal Affairs Hannah Marshall at

Policy Affairs

The Policy Affairs Committee, known as "House," is composed of Union Board directors who review and propose necessary changes to the Union Board constitution and bylaws. The House Committee also allocates office space to other student organizations within the Student Activities Tower. For more information about the Policy Affairs Committee, contact Union Board President Patricia Cornejo at

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