What is Union Board?

Union Board is the governing body of the Indiana Memorial Union and the largest student programming organization on campus.

Driven by students and student ideas, the Union Board plans a range of fun, entertaining, and educational events for students to come together, explore multiple world views, discuss current events, and learn from one another.

Some Union Board events you may have attended include the Official Little 500 Concert, the Little 500 Step Show, World’s Fare, Taste of the Union, and our weekly film series. Union Board also publishes both the award-winning campus literary arts magazine Canvas and the local student music album Live From Bloomington.

Union Board mission

The mission of the Indiana Memorial Union Board of Directors is to unify and represent the students and greater community of Indiana University through diverse, high quality programming.

We strive to improve students’ academic and personal experience with thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining programs. In addition, we are dedicated to promoting the Indiana Memorial Union as the center of campus life and serving students as stewards of the Union.

As a board, we are committed to enhancing the IU community by fostering student involvement and personal growth while upholding the spirit and traditions of Indiana University.