Bouldering Wall

No harness, no ropes, no problem

Experience the fun of indoor rock climbing on the IU Outdoor Adventures bouldering wall. Unlike other forms of rock climbing, bouldering doesn’t require a harness, ropes, or any other equipment. Instead, bouldering features short routes close to the ground, allowing you to focus on using your strength and balance to stay on the wall. A thickly padded floor helps prevent injuries in the event of a fall.

The IU Outdoor Adventures bouldering wall, located in an air-conditioned space in Eigenmann Hall, has nearly 1,000 square feet of climbing space on three walls up to 11 feet high.

Fall & Spring Semester Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1:00–6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: Closed



  • Day pass: $6
  • Membership (includes Bouldering Pass): $75

Discounted day pass and shoe rental rates are available for groups of 10 or more. For more information about group rates, contact Tyler Kivland at 812-855-9883 or

Need to rent climbing shoes? Visit the IU Outdoor Adventures Gear Shop.

Route setting

If you have an annual membership for the bouldering wall, you can take advantage of special members-only route-setting sessions, which take place every six to eight weeks throughout the academic year.

Before participating in route-setting sessions, you must attend a one-time route-setting orientation. Contact IU Outdoor Adventures at 812-855-2231 or for more information.


All climbers must comply with IU Outdoor Adventures’ bouldering wall policies as described here.

  • The bouldering room has a maximum capacity of 50.
  • The bouldering wall is not directly supervised by a staff person. Climbers are responsible for keeping themselves safe. Please refrain from exceptionally hazardous maneuvers.
  • Having a spotter is the climber’s responsibility and is highly recommended.
  • Only balled chalk in chalk bags is allowed. No loose chalk.
  • No one may use the wall under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Observe other climbers from the chairs against the wall, not from the mats.
  • Climbers must notify a staff person if there is an incident.

  • Climbers must wear climbing shoes or clean athletic shoes. Barefoot climbing is not permitted.
  • Climbers must wear shirts.
  • Objects that could lead to injuries, such as watches or jewelry, should be removed.

With the exception of water in closed water bottles, food and drink are not permitted in the bouldering room.

Climbers are welcome to bring their own music. The volume must be kept at a level that does not disturb adjacent offices, and the content must be respectful of other climbers.

Climbers who hold annual memberships are permitted to set routes while the wall is open. Prior to setting routes, members must participate in a one-time route-setting orientation.