Union Board Alumni/John Whittenberger Society

Fulfilling the legacy of John Whittenberger

All Union Board alumni who served at least one full term on Union Board are members of JWS, the John Whittenberger Society.  JWS, an official Indiana University Alumni Association affiliate, was named after John Whittenberger who in 1909 founded the Indiana Union, which later became the Union Board.

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1982year founded


$100Kin scholarships 

A way to give back

The John Whittenberger Society was established in 1982 to serve as a formal alumni organization for Union Board. In 1985, it became an official affiliate of the IU Alumni Association.

In addition to helping alumni stay connected to Union Board and to each other, the society plays a key role in providing financial support to Union Board and the IMU. Since its inception, it has:

  • Awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to Union Board directors and committee members
  • Provided funding for Union Board leadership retreats
  • Established the Commemorative Garden and the Centenntial Patio at the IMU
  • Raised funds for the John Whittenberger Society Endowment through the Centennial Campaign

I enjoy giving back to help the next generation of students learn leadership skills and apply them in the real world.

Christian Carroll, UB 1990
  • Voting members
    • Christian Carroll (UB 1990), president
    • Ann Fumarolo (UB 1974–75), vice president
    • Andrew Dahlen (UB 2008, 2009), secretary/treasurer
    • Susan Burns (UB 1971–72)
    • Kathy Cook (UB 2008)
    • Megan Ditton (UB 1996–97)
    • Michael Littenberg (UB 1985–87)
    • Margarette Minor (UB 1986–87)
    • Laura Osteen (UB 1989–90, 1990, 1991)
    • Martin Gimenez (UB 2001)
    • Scott Z. Wilson (UB 2003–04)
  • Ex officio members
    • Mara Dahlgren
      Assistant Director, Activities and Events, Indiana Memorial Union
    • Atticus Westerfeld (UB 2005)
      Alumni Representative to Union Board
    • Jennifer Gentry
      Constituent and Alumni Groups, IU Alumni Association
    • Josh Thomas (UB 2016, 2017)
      President, Union Board
    • Winston Shindell
      Former Executive Director, Indiana Memorial Union and IU Auditorium
    • David Spencer
      Director of Development, Indiana Memorial Union
    • Hank Walter
      Executive Director, Indiana Memorial Union